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DEFAULT/SUMMARY JUDGEMENT PROCEDURES in this short write up, i intend to expound on the meanings, procedures and implications of default judgments and summary judgments. this is to aid students of the law school better appreciate these legal processes. - summary judgment is a fast track proceeding in court whereby judgment is obtained without the merit… Continue reading SUMMARY JUDGEMENT/ DEFAULT JUDGEMENT


How to Pass BAR FINALS.

How to Succeed on Law School exams Law school success can be defined multiple ways, but getting good grades meets any definition of success. Law school exams are unlike any other test you’ve taken, which means you need to meticulously prepare and execute your gameplan. Here’s how to make it happen. Step 1: get your… Continue reading How to Pass BAR FINALS.



 What is life without action? Like a movie without controversies Like a marathon race without long tracks What would life look like without struggles? Life's tribulations and pursuits Seems to be more than mere actions Seems to constitute reasons to go on Imagine a life without action A movie without controversies Such a thing not… Continue reading ESSENCE TO UNDERSTAND