What is life without action? Like a movie without controversies Like a marathon race without long tracks What would life look like without struggles? Life's tribulations and pursuits Seems to be more than mere actions Seems to constitute reasons to go on Imagine a life without action A movie without controversies Such a thing not… Continue reading ESSENCE TO UNDERSTAND

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Naija is my home

   North, East, South or West; Home Is Home Every individual, like every plant, has a base. It is ideally a place where all the foundations of such life are laid strong and buried, foundations that help shape the outcome of such life. My base is my home, my source of strength, peace and fulfillment,… Continue reading Naija is my home


International and Environmental Law

I   INTRODUCTIONInternational Law, principles, rules, and standards that govern nations and other participants in international affairs in their relations with one another. International law is the law of the international community. Most international law consists of long-standing customs, provisions agreed to in treaties, and generally accepted principles of law recognized by nations. Some international law is also created… Continue reading International and Environmental Law