Nigerian Law School…

Ok, you’ve just graduated from university and/or gained admission to undergo the vocational training at the Nigerian Law School. Trust me, the next few months have the potential to shape your life. Regardless of who you want to please by studying law, the next few months shouldn’t be about anyone but yourself.

Now, before I get to telling my story on ‘how not to fail’ the Bar Finals, it is best I outline the things you would need for your registration prior to the commencement of academic term.

You must arm yourself with the following:

1. At least 10 clear passport photographs. For sure you would need a passport at every turn and ensure that they are clear and at least in the ‘regulation dress’ i.e Black and White. The passport would be used for your school ID and I trust you don’t want to have an Id that looks like crap. It is advisable you go with them as it is more expensive to get them in school.

2. Medical examination results and X-Ray prospective student is required to undergo medical examination and report to school with the results. Don’t forget the results otherwise you’d be given a hard time.

3. Print all necessary Law School documents. Go along with your posting status confirmation, confirmation of payment at Zenith Bank, confirmation of online payment and other necessary e documentation.

4. Original of all credentials. At the registration point, the following documents are usually required at least for citing: WAEC cert, birth certificate, state of origin etc.

5. I guess I no longer need to say much about White and black since it has become a part of us since university days.

All other things are as required for survival. Beverages and toiletries. Don’t bother purchasing any pillows and buckets, all those things will be readily available within the campus.

Once you have settled down, the next thing would be to begin planning on how to successfully complete the term. Carefully choose and plan the activities you would be involved in. Nigerian Law School is place where anything you desire in your heart can be achieved. During my days, I had a friend who met and married his wife there in campus, this goes to tell you that even if you plan to play, You’ll play!

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