How to Pass BAR FINALS.

How to Succeed on Law School exams

Law school success can be defined multiple ways, but getting good grades meets any definition of success.

Law school exams are unlike any other test you’ve taken, which means you need to meticulously prepare and execute your gameplan.

Here’s how to make it happen.

Step 1: get your head right and make a game plan

Completely overlooked and underrated, getting yourself in the right frame of mind is a critical step to success. Law school exams are different from college exams, but you can still rely on some of your old (and presumably successful) study habits. One of the most helpful things I learned to do was live in a bubble from other law students. What other people are studying, where they study, and how much they study is not relevant to you.

You have to make your own plan and study in a way that works for you. For me, that meant literally creating a calendar of when I would study for each class. I was never a fan of cramming a semester’s worth of a class the night before the exam. That way, I could ensure I devoted sufficient time for each class, rather than haphazardly deal with each exam as they occurred. Don’t forget that the grade for each class, depending on the number of credits, counts the same. Getting an A in one class and C’s in three others is not a success.

Here’s another brilliant tip: listen to your professors/Lecturers. They will usually tell you what to expect on the final—and eliminate topics that you do not need to study.

Step 2: never panic—take a deep breath and press on

The competitive nature of law school makes even the brightest students think they are in the wrong line of work. I’ll never forget looking at one of the class gunners during an exam and realizing he was sweating more profusely than anyone else in the room. That was pretty gratifying moment.

Regardless of how well you prepared, you are bound to get some curve balls during exams. But don’t forget that everyone else is getting the same curve balls and is probably as dumbfounded as you.

Step 3: pay some more attention to unclear areas and courses.

Believe me, its very profitable to shine the light of hard work and time towards those dark and ‘difficult’ areas or courses. Set aside time every week to critically analyze your grey areas and particularly set out time to tackle such and understand such areas. The more you master all such areas, the easier it will become.

Step 4: remain focused to achieve

As simple as this may sound, it is very correct to state that setting your goals and focusing on them is the only way you will strike success in the heart. “BULL’S EYE”

I wish you success. Remember that the Q & A is highly important. students who familiarize themselves with the techniques of answering questions early enough have begun the race before the start whistle.

“the race is not to the swift nor the battle for the strong…”



Udofa, Kingsley David,

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