What is life without action?

Like a movie without controversies

Like a marathon race without long tracks

What would life look like without struggles?

Life’s tribulations and pursuits

Seems to be more than mere actions

Seems to constitute reasons to go on

Imagine a life without action

A movie without controversies

Such a thing not even worth carrying on with

Life would be so boring without tribulations

Life would be dull without aspirations

With no real reason to wake up the next day


Despite all these tribulations

Despite all these unattained aspirations

People still fail to understand the points

These things actually make us want to live

Carrying on everyday looking forward

Forward to resolving some controversies

Pursuing some aspirations to fulfilment

Actually make us what we are

These actions actually define what we are



The clock ticks that’s why it’s called a clock

A human conquers and dominates problems

Without which a man wouldn’t be a man


They constitute a mechanism to forge forward

The engine of our continued living

Pushes the rich to get richer

Poor to get rich

Powerful for more power

The forward movement like the clock

These movements define our humanity

No matter what you do

Endeavour not be stuck

Keep moving running aspiring and catching

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