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CRIMINAL CHARGES Criminal Litigation is probably one of the easiest courses which students of the Nigerian Law School are expected to study. This is probably the reason why most students would tend to under-estimate the course. The topic: CHARGES, is probably the most significant topic and most frequent at the Bar Finals examinations. It is,… Continue reading CHARGES

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DEFAULT/SUMMARY JUDGEMENT PROCEDURES in this short write up, i intend to expound on the meanings, procedures and implications of default judgments and summary judgments. this is to aid students of the law school better appreciate these legal processes. - summary judgment is a fast track proceeding in court whereby judgment is obtained without the merit… Continue reading SUMMARY JUDGEMENT/ DEFAULT JUDGEMENT

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Naija is my home

¬† ¬†North, East, South or West; Home Is Home Every individual, like every plant, has a base. It is ideally a place where all the foundations of such life are laid strong and buried, foundations that help shape the outcome of such life. My base is my home, my source of strength, peace and fulfillment,… Continue reading Naija is my home