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Naija is my home



North, East, South or West; Home Is Home

Every individual, like every plant, has a base. It is ideally a place where all the foundations of such life are laid strong and buried, foundations that help shape the outcome of such life.

My base is my home, my source of strength, peace and fulfillment, the place where I run to when stress and trouble shows its head, the place where everything has to be constructive, a place where, even in criticism, I find positive construction, a place where my worries meet their death in solutions.

I grow out and fly like a bird. I search and indeed find those true green pastures, settle and get comfortable. Alas! To ensure steady growth, I run home to find and receive more strength. My home never gets depleted like that of plants: the ecosystem. At home there’s always a constant flow of comfort and strength flowing like a fountain with an unlimited source. How shall I ever become anything or anyone without the grip of my home? Indeed home is home anytime and anywhere.

I fly high into the sky, travel and traverse the world, find amazing things and people; yet nothing beats my home, a unique place bearing a unique mark in me. I am my home and my home is me. Take me far or wide; high or low; in or out, yet nothing will remove my home from within me.

For what will I be without a home to grow from? Not just a roof over my head but a roof over my soul and life with a covering from the worries and pains of the world. It is, most importantly, the place where the clay in me gets designed and baked, a place where the basic things of life are taught and learnt.

Africa is my home. Not just in the colour of my skin or in the capacity of my brain, but in the origins of my birth. The communal style of upbringing where every child belongs to the community has rendered every child of Africa an important person.

I travel and meet people outside my home, I get to know them and also learn their ways but soon enough home calls again. For at home I understand the essence of life and living. At home I find destiny and know the path to follow to destiny.

Indeed home is home. I have gone out, seen it all, conquered and returned home to share my experiences. I have returned home to help add a brick to the walls of home: Africa. Africa! Oh Africa, the home of my birth will stand and put raise her head up high. I love my home and can never be separated from my home. North to south, east to west, Africa is home.

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